Tips to Keep Your Instagram Followers Happy and Others Eager To Follow You

There is truly no limit to the number and types of scientific studies that people conduct to get a better understanding of the human condition. One study conducted about social media gave undisputable proof that getting more followers on social media makes people happier. There are quick ways for you to get followers on Instagram. For instance, you can buy Instagramfollowers in order to make your photos stand out and increase their chances of going viral. You could also follow some of the below tips to keep the Instagramfollowers coming.


Stick to a schedule

Although it sounds trivial, your followers want to know when they should expect a new picture. If you want your Instagram account to grow consistently, you must establish a schedule for your posts and stick to it. You can surely buy Instagram followers to make your pictures stand out whenever you post them but as long as you don’t post them on a regular basis, you won’t be making the best use of your posts.

If you make your followers get used to one photo daily from you, you must make sure to post daily. Your followers expect you to maintain the rhythm that you set for your posts. It is not advisable at all for you to post several pictures at once and disappear for a long time. Even if you post excellent pictures, you won’t have a very loyal following if your schedule is not predictable.

Don’t be a bore

Nobody would want to visit your profile if it is full of boring photos of your frowny-faced cat. You also don’t want to give people too much of the same thing even if it is a good thing. For instance, people might get bored if your profile is full of photos of sunrises, sunsets, and picturesque landscapes. It advisable for you to mix things up a little bit – you might be surprised when people respond better to a picture of your morning café latte than they respond to a beautiful cityscape if you are used to posting similar photos each time.

The all-important #hashtag

You can buy Instagram followers much as you like but in order for you to get photos in front of the right audience, you must make use of tags. They are the best way to get the attention of your target audience. You should stay away from very popular hashtags because they are not very helpful at getting more eyeballs on your post. For instance, if you take a photo and include a #cat tag, there are millions of photos with a similar tag and yours will get lost in the sea of photos competing for attention. You should get creative with your tags and also do some research to find some trending tags to use.


way-to-use-instagramWhen you have a great photo and buy Instagram followers for it, you shouldn’t stop there. Of course when you buy Instagramfollowers you increase the visibility of your photo but how do you keep it relevant? The answer is simple: interact with people who comment on the photo. You should always make sure that you acknowledge your audience.

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